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Welcome to the University of Chicago Bridge Club!

We meet weekly, on Wednesday nights, to learn and play contract bridge. Come and join us at 7:30 on Wednesdays in the Reynolds Club room 019. We welcome players of all experience levels, from beginners to life masters. See below for further information, schedules, news and events. Also sign up for one of our email listhosts to recieve up-to-date information.

Information About Our Events

ACBL Masterpoint Games:

We are pleased to be able to hand out masterpoints and hold weekly ACBL sanctioned games during the school term. All are welcome. The game will be stratified 20/Unlimited or 20/100/Unlimited, depending on turnout. Partners are guaranteed. Unless the game is specifically described as pro/am, you are free to form partnerdhips as you please. The pro/am games will have randomized partnerships. The pairs imps games are subject to on-the-spot change into team imps games provided the number of tables is conducive to a team rotation. You do not need to be an ACBL member to participate. Masterpoints are black unless noted otherwise and handed out at Invitational level. The games are free for individuals affiliated to the university, and a $2 table fee will apply to members of the public. Late arrivals are unlikely to be accommodated, but are welcome to join the social game. ACBL rules on behavior apply; see the ACBL website for details.

Social Games:

Social, non-masterpoint bridge for those uncomfortable with he formal game, those who come late, or those who would like to learn/teach in a more flexible, interactive setting. Space and movement permitting, this game will play boards from the main movement, but unlike the main game table discussion will be encouraged, scoring isn't necessary, and the pairs won't move.

Beginner Lessons:

Bridge lessons by Matthew Dyer, followed by guided play and social bridge are usually held before the main game. A beginner crash-course is held towards the start of Fall quarter by Rolf Hoyer. All skill levels appreciated, but the focus will be on bringing beginners up to speed and teaching the basic 2/1 system.

Club Standard Convention Cards
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Schedule and Results

The schedule can be found on, along with results of all games.

Where to Find Us and Contact Information

We play at the Reynolds Club, 5706 S University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637. Room 019 is located at the westernmost end of the basement

Oren Kriegel, President

orenkriegel at gmail dot com

Ruth Ng, Treasurer

ruthfrancisng at uchicago dot edu

Join one of our email lists:

For weekly information, sign up for the "bridge" list. For discussion of hands, bids, and games, sign up for the "bridgedis" list. If you do not have a university account, contact Ruth to sign up.